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Friday, April 3, 2009


Shailabh Rauniyar, Jeevamrita project team
Present Situation( Problem & Needs)

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers has many negative effects viz.
• It affects the natural fauna (Bacterial Content) of the soil making it less fertile.
• Chemical fertilizers are very expensive to be used by villagers in India.
• Nowadays we are facing scarcity of fertilizers in many villages due to transportation or some other reasons.
Hence, we see a need of chemical fertilizer that can easily be made and which is much effective and gives good productivity in long term.


1. To make people aware of natural fertilizers.
2. To maintain the natural fauna of the soil.
3. To introduce a cost effective measures for the farmers.

To set an example for the local people, so that it can be used in a broader way by people.

Materials Required Amount Budget
1. 125-150 Liter plastic Container --------- 1 Rs.400/-
2. Cow Dung --------------------------------- 5 Kg
3. Cow Urine --------------------------------- 5 Liter
4. Black Jaggery ----------------------------- 1 Kg Rs.50/-
5. Dicotyledonous Flour -------------------- 2 Kg Rs.60/-
6. Banyan Root Soil -------------------------- ½ Kg

Area of Application

Gardens of BVBCET, Hubli

We got the excellent output and it was really appreciated by the gardener.

I have studied project JEEVAMRUTHA proposed under LEAD program of Despande Foundation, Hubli. I found it is effective in retaining the soil fertility. This activity could be implemented for a larger area to help the community.
- Prof. Basavaraj S. Hungund, Biotech, BVBCET